About Us

Established in 2018 with our 20 years of furniture production history, VUDIVA continues to touch your living spaces.

Our aim is to bring together the furniture we produce by providing robust, convenient, aesthetic and very easy to install products and superior services for our customers who want to reflect their lifestyle in every field with high quality and accessible price understanding.  

We produce high quality furniture is made of beech plywood material in approximately 5 minutes, no tools, and you can use the manual installation equipment, which is much simpler in the assembly of products according to the market simply are furniture . 

For your comfort, the high quality beech plywood used in our furniture and the solid structure of the kiln-solid beech wood used in the carrier legs provide a lifetime of use.

Without screwdrivers, wrenches, screws, long and complex installation schemes, you can do practical installation simply by tapping the trees together. High-quality beech plywood surfaces are highly resistant to bending, breaking, discoloration, and tree operation over time. With its fully removable structure, it takes up little space during storage or transportation. 

While we produce furniture for you with our experienced design and production staff we are growing day by day thanks to your trust in us.


We are aware that trust and transparency are the most important criteria for our visitors For this reason, www.vudiva.com is designed as a shopping site that has SSL certificate and can make your purchases with 3D Source secure payment system.       


If you have any questions, you can contact us via the communication channel or live support.